Online Casino Concepts The Payout

The payout is the ultimate outcome of playing a casino game and it is this which almost all players are aiming for, no matter what the value. There are some gamblers who will tell you they only play for the thrill and excitement of it, but deep down, the win is what all gamblers crave.

So the payout, as is probably one of the most familiar terms with players, is the aim of the game. But there is more to it than a simple dollar value as we shall explain.

When deciding upon a casino to register with, one of the factors to be taken into account is the payout percentage. This is a figure derived from the total amount won by all Winorama players compared with the total bets made in a casino within a given timeframe.

Online Casino Concepts The PayoutThis figure is represented by a percentage and the higher that percentage then the better chance on paper a player has of winning. Often, casinos quote their payout percentage for the preceding month and it can be in the region of 97-98% depending upon several factors which include the amount of players that were active in that month and which games were played most. This is because different games carry different payout percentages themselves, which when all tallied up contribute the casino’s overall payout percentage.

As to the individual games, card games such as poker and blackjack often carry a higher payout percentage than table games such as craps and roulette, while most slots have the lowest. However, some video poker games can come out tops with payout percentages that can approach and in a few cases even exceed 100%. This is deceptive however, as to be able to take full advantage of this level of payout percentage a player must be fully conversant with all the nuances of the game and have the fullest concentration, because one mistake can cause that percentage to drop.

Obviously then, from a player point of view, it is more potentially profitable to play in a casino with the highest payout percentage. It is a good indicator as to your chances in a casino which can be for many players a big deciding factor as to which casino they choose to frequent.