Casino Concepts The Jackpot!

The jackpot is probably the most interesting of payouts to gamblers as it represents the largest payout that can be received on any one game. Players play their chosen games in the hope that lady luck will smile upon them and land them the jackpot in their current playing session. So what is it that is so appealing about jackpots?

Casino Concepts The Jackpot!

Well, this can be summed up in one word, “winning”. The jackpot on most casino games is substantial and often runs into many thousands of dollars. This is very appealing to players as it represents the chance of attaining a substantial win for a small outlay. But even the jackpot payout of a single game is dwarfed into insignificance by the mother of all jackpots.

There is a special kind of jackpot that really is the holy grail of gambling and that is the progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot derived from a group of many games linked together either within a certain casino or linked to games in many casinos. The progressive jackpot is often valued at a life-changing figure, often in the multi-millions of dollars.

The most common kind of game that sports a jackpot or progressive jackpot is the slots or video slots games. These are the easiest types of game to link together across multiple casinos as they are played constantly by many thousands of people at the same time. In actual fact, all the players are playing for the same jackpot in this system and as such, the level of the jackpot continues to rise until one lucky player gets the winning line.

But it’s often not quite as straightforward as placing a coin in a slot machine and seeing the bars all line up. To qualify for the multimillion dollar progressive jackpot a player usually has to deposit the maximum number of coins for the game they are playing. To most serious players, this is par for the course as they are trying to win as much as possible per spin, so it makes sense to always play with the highest bet possible.

In any event, the progressive jackpot is usually a casino’s most attractive asset and one that attracts lots of new players as well as ensuring return visits by their members.