Advice for a beginner? FAQ Part 3

Online Casino FAQ Part 3

Advice for a beginner?
Can you offer any advice for a beginner?

There are many important factors you should know before you start gambling online. Researching what you need to know can save you money, time and possibly fines as you may end up illegally gambling online. here are a quick few points you should check before beginning.

  • Know your local laws, it’s not always legal to gambling online in your state. Check our our full list of online casinos accepting US players.
  • Try the “free Play” option available at all the best online casino’s. It’s a great tool to get you familiar with what you’re about to spend you hard earned money on.
  • Try their customer support. A good casino will get back to you promptly and be courteous. If there is no response or their manners are lacking then it’s best to not play there.
  • Check out reviews and any history of the casino you are about to play in. Check that they have a license and are regulated by a known authority.
  • Read all bout their payout options. Some have limited payouts and some have limited methods of payouts.
  • Don’t play the same game too long. The casino’s odds are in their favor so they want you to play for a long time.
  • Learn your games. There is no point in playing a game if you don’t fully understand the rules and techniques.
  • Check the bonuses on offer, some have strings attached and some offer legitimate great deals, look around casino for details with the best bonuses.
  • Check the security of the online casino. Your personal data must be kept secure. Ask customer service how they handle it and check their privacy statement.
  • Enjoy yourself, don’t stress too much or you start to make poor decisions.

Advice for a beginner? FAQ Part 3How do you review and rank online casinos?
Casino review online casinos in many different ways, You can see a list of the different formats we offer in the right hand column of this page, these include “editors picks”, “best bonuses” and “Best Payouts”.

A Casino staff member with year of experience in the industry will spend hours in each and every casino to review their details. After the review is written they will then place scores against points such as graphics and software speeds. The public can also vote and all these scores tally to give you a total or overall score for the online casino.

What online casinos accept US players?
If I am located in the US, can I gamble in an online casino?

There are unfortunately many online casinos and poker rooms which block US and Canadian residents. If a casino accepts bets from a US citizen, they might be either breaking US law or perhaps their own licensing agreements. These online casinos therefore don’t accept gambling from US citizens or from other jurisdictions that are attempting to prohibit online gaming.

There are still, thankfully, the majority of casino’s still accepting US players and Canadian players. Although they do accept bets, they still have limits of which states can actually play, so check out their list of approved US states before playing and your local legislator to see if it’s ok to play.

What is Neteller?
Neteller is like using an online wallet, you can simply transfer money into or out of it when you want. It’s virtually instant, providing a fast transfer of your winnings or deposits to play online.

There are no transfer fees and it’s often far more secure than using your own cash by credit card.